Many people often look at their gardens and feel that there is something missing but can't quite put their finger on it..

It's neat and tidy; the borders and beds are full and weed free but it still feels somehow "incomplete".

We can't all be Alan Titchmarsh but applying a few basic garden design principles when building, designing or improving your garden could make all the difference!



 One of the key principles to a visually appealing garden (no matter the size) is having Focal Points in your garden.

 The purpose of a focal point is to bring the garden into focus. What may start out as just a grouping of plants is given definition by a focal point. Viewers instantly know where to bring their attention. You may have heard this referred to as directing the eye or giving the eye a place to rest. It's the same concept used when designing indoors. Objects of size or interest, like a fireplace, piano, painting or large screen TV, are positioned to be the first thing you notice in a room. The rest of the furniture and objects are used to balance and accent the focal point.